The Free xChange


Photo by Dickinson College

Thrifting has grown in popularity in recent years because of the unique items that can be found, its sustainability, and just because it’s a fun activity to do in your free time. There are multiple thrift and antique stores in the town of Carlisle including C Luv Thrift, Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb, Bedford Street Antiques, Carlisle Antique Mall and more. What the Dickinson campus offers, though, is a little different.

The Free xChange, located in Allison Hall Room 2, is a free clothing exchange where students, faculty and staff can drop off clothes or pick them up. The website defines the exchange’s goals as: encouraging the reuse of clothing, providing a space for all Dickinsonians to access second-hand clothing and making people more aware of the impacts of the fashion industry. Emphasis is placed on inclusivity, accessibility and equity.

On September 28th, there was an open house where people could make donations, swap clothes, learn about volunteering and win prizes. 

The open house also showcased the donation process. To make donations, wash your clothes and hang them up in the provided space. You’re free to donate tops, bottoms, suits, dresses and accessories such as belts, scarves and gloves. However, the Free xChange will not accept appliances, electronics, hats, shoes, undergarments and bedding. To pick up clothes, just pick out what you want and you’re good to go – no donation or payment necessary.

The Center for Sustainability Education runs the exchange.