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Right-wing conservatives are the new Taylor Swift conspiracists

There is so much happening with Taylor Swift, it’s hard to keep up. Not only did she win Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys, she also walked away with Album of the Year, making her the first person to win Album of the Year four times. She announced her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department” during the show. Of course, we also can’t forget about the endless Super Bowl conspiracies. 


The most asked question before the Super Bowl was how she would get to the Super Bowl on time. Conspiracies range from time travel to a close analysis of the Tokyo-Las Vegas airplane flight times, to a carefully planned Joe Biden endorsement, obviously.  


The fact that Swift’s lucky number is 13 is only adding to the fervor, because the number is everywhere. It’s the 58th Super Bowl – 5 + 8 is 13. The Super Bowl is happening on February 11th – 2 + 11 is, shockingly, 13. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the San Francisco 49ers, and obviously 4 + 9 adds up to 13. 


Swift made it to the Super Bowl, which makes it – you guessed it – her 13th game. The flight time between Tokyo and Las Vegas comes out to roughly 13 hours, depending on the airline. Even the Japanese embassy weighed in on Feb. 2, saying that Taylor Swift can indeed arrive on time to the Super Bowl. 

Now, none of this is precisely our business, however entertaining it may be. But what’s that about Joe Biden? 


Ignoring the Super Bowl, the distraction of an 11th album release, and the record-breaking Grammy award, some far-right conservatives have been speculating that Swift will use her presence at the Super Bowl to swing the presidential election in favor of Biden. 


CNN, NPR, The Rolling Stone and other news sources have been speculating over the cause of this theory–perhaps due to Swift’s public support for Biden in 2020; perhaps Kelce’s advertisement campaign for Pfizer. Trump supporters, like New Jersey congressional candidate Mike Crispi, are pronouncing the entire speculative situation “rigged,” “Democrat propaganda” and loudly saying that Taylor Swift could be a government plant.  


Swift has only been publicizing her political opinions since 2018, with her 2019 album “Lover” having songs such as “You Need to Calm Down” supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. Alongside that, she’s openly supportive of the BLM movement, and has been consistently backing her political beliefs since 2018. 


All of this must be very threatening to the followers of the Make America Great Again movement, especially coming from an independent, highly successful, openly feminist, very famous, very influential woman. 


Their conspiracies have come with a side of growing online aggression, but Swift has been part of the industry for over 15 years. It’s very likely she’s going to continue doing what she’s made into an artform, regardless of any Super Bowl appearances, Biden endorsements or otherwise.

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