Straight from the Plate

Caf Food Reviews

Each day the cafeteria offers a “wrap of the day.” Sometimes the wraps are interesting and sometimes they’re just bad. This chicken ranch wrap was quite similar to a chicken Caesar wrap, without the Caesar dressing, or croutons. The chefs decided to add their own flair to it so jasmine rice took the place of croutons. Although it didn’t give the sandwich any added flavor, when cutting open the wrap it was definitely a nice surprise. The chicken in the wrap tasted great with the ranch dressing. I’m not a huge fan of ranch dressing but they definitely put just the right amount in there without overpowering the chicken, lettuce and rice. The shredded lettuce was a good choice over a more leafy lettuce. It gave the wrap more texture and crunch.

The wrap itself was pretty decent, but to make things taste a little better, the panini press is always the way to go. When in doubt: panini anything and everything. Just stick it in the panini press for however long you wish and your cold sandwich, wrap, or quesadilla instantly becomes a warm, satisfying lunch. You know your sandwich has been properly heated when golden to dark brown toasted crests appear on the top of the wrap. If just a wrap isn’t enough for you, edamame is a great side dish. It’s filled with protein and tastes great all by itself.