Senate Approves Pub Night

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As part of an overarching goal to increase student interaction on campus, Dickinson’s Student Senate approved the Allison Pub event series for the Spring 2014 semester on Jan. 21.

The approved motion, drafted and advanced by Student Senate’s Vice President for Student Life Emily Pryor ’14, creates a social and entertainment event series for students of all class years in the newly renovated Allison Hall, formerly Allison Church.

“For years students have been asking about having a pub on campus,” said Pryor. “A lot of them, after studying abroad and seeing a positive alcohol culture at other schools, wanted an opportunity to socialize with students and faculty in a casual, convivial atmosphere.“

Initially assumed by many to be a permanent fixture on campus, Allison Hall Pub Night is only designed as an event series with isolated weekend socials spread out throughout the year. Currently Student Senate has scheduled only four events for the Spring 2014 semester, though Pryor has explained that Senate is open to expanding the event series with more Pub Nights if they prove popular.

To keep costs low, Student Senate has arranged for Alibi’s Spirits & Eatery to operate a cash bar, where students twenty-one and over will pay per-drink, during the Spring 2014 semester’s Pub Nights. According to representatives from Student Senate, the local Carlisle bar will be providing a selection of beer, wine and hard alcohol for students over the age of twenty-one. Hard alcohol will be limited to whiskey, vodka and gin and will only be served with simple soda mixers.

Each event, scheduled for the first and last Friday every month, runs from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in Allison Hall Community Space. Student Senate also plans on providing late-night snacks by bringing in pizza from the College Farm. Student Senate will be paying for the non-alcoholic refreshments and food that will be offered to students during each Pub Night.

As of printing, Student Senate has no plans on imposing a drink limit on students. According to Pryor, each event will be overseen by Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers and the bartenders on duty will be instructed not to serve students who they believe have had too much to drink.
Student Senate is also working on organizing entertainment for each Pub Night. According to Pryor, they are working on getting the faculty bands or other student groups to perform.

Though alcohol will be served to those over the age of twenty-one, Pub Night is open to all class years to help promote community and interaction between the grades.

“It is a great opportunity for all Dickinsonians to come together, whether they are able to drink or not. We hope that Allison Fridays will be a wonderful way to bring the Dickinson community together while showcasing this terrific new space on campus for the first time.”

Reaction to the new event series has been mostly positive from students.

“I think it is a wonderful idea,” said Molly Anderson ’14. “To bring all these things –food, drink and entertainment- together for the whole campus to enjoy. I am really looking forward to it.”

Student Senate will release more information about any changes to the Allison Hall Pub Night in the coming weeks.

Senate is open to feedback and suggestions from the student body. Those interested in offering their thoughts should contact Emily Pryor at [email protected]