Out with the New, In with the Old: Lack of Sustainability Efforts by the Quarry

This year, the college got rid of package pick-up slips in an effort to be more sustainable. These fun, neon pink pieces of paper used to give students’ hearts a flutter when they checked their HUB boxes and discovered that there was a package waiting for them down the hall.

Now, students merely receive an e-mail notification when something has arrived with their name on it. This may use less paper, but it’s also much less fun.
While this switch is understandable and progressive, the changes in Quarry are the complete opposite. In the past, students would waltz up to a computer screen, punch in their order, then sit and wait for their number to be called.

Now, students must wait in excruciatingly long lines, vocalize their order to an employee, then sit and wait for their name to be called.

This doesn’t sound all that different—except for the fact that there are now just seven items to choose from on the sandwich menu and only one type of vessel for your sub: bread.

The biggest contradiction, though, is that every single order placed is written onto a small slip of paper. This paper is approximately the same size as the slips previously used for package pickup—the only difference is that these new slips are white.

Additionally, if a student decides to order a couple things at once, one slip isn’t enough to complete the request.

For example, one cold fall evening I was craving a soft pretzel and a small hot chocolate to warm me up. For some reason, these two items were not located on the same slip of paper and required two sheets to place my order. Two sheets for two items! I couldn’t believe it.

This new system of ordering is counteractive to the efforts made to reduce paper usage by eliminating the HUB package slips in the mail room. Where is the outcry? Where are the protests? And most importantly, where is the expensive machine that used to make the Quarry the best lunch spot on campus?

Not only do I miss my turkey wraps and occasional everything bagel sandwich, but this new system contradicts all of the sustainability efforts made to reduce paper usage on campus.

Well, out with the new, in with the old, right? Bring the Quarry back!