Students Share Early Arrival Activities

Aboody Rumman ’20 and Molly Gorelick ’19 both arrived early to work various jobs across campus, two among many other upper-class students.

Rumman came to advise international students during their orientation, which started on August 23. The one thing Rumman would say to the incoming and current international students is “find your ground and stick to it.” Rumman uses his personal experience to show the first-years what it means to be a Dickinsonian. He has gone through training and multiple years of working and participating in international student orientation.

Gorelick, an English major, arrived on July 1 to give tours, work the desk at the Admissions Center, answer phones, talk to prospective families and advocate strongly for Justin’s peanut butter. 

Gorelick says her favorite part about working at Dickinson is “I get to talk with people from all over the country and all over the world.”