Straight from the Plate

Caf Food Reviews

Ever since coming back from winter break, I feel that the cafeteria food has been more of a struggle than usual. I can usually resort to the Kove or the wrap of the day, which is always interesting and tasty. However, one day for lunch the Kove and the wrap of the day contained fish in it. I’ve tried the fish served in the cafeteria once before and found that it was quite salty and very fishy. I resorted to creating my own sandwich at the sandwich bar. The selections that the cafeteria has are very simple and seem to never change. I usually resort to turkey because it’s a very simple cold cut that I know won’t be bad. To make things interesting I try and choose the ‘special cheese’ that they have to offer. I went with the provolone cheese, added some lettuce and put it on some whole wheat bread. There’s nothing special about this sandwich, but adding Sriracha sauce to it and throwing it on the Panini press for at least 30-seconds definitely adds a lot to the sandwich.  These little tactics can really spice up your meal and make it more satisfying and enjoyable.