Letter from the Blue Shirts

“Organized serving leads to negative reviews.”

The napkins displayed recently on the bulletin board to the left of the depository of plates, cups, and silverware has been full of the same comment, “Let Us Serve Ourselves.” Recently, the members of the Dickinson community have been introduced to a new serving style, where the line workers of the cafeteria now serve each individual who wants food from the entrée station. Dickinson’s new Director of Food Services Mr. Errol Huffman pushed this new approach forward. On nights where the tray-glides in front of the main entrée line can get pretty messy, i.e., pasta night and taco night, workers in the cafeteria have seen dramatic improvements in the messes that once were very difficult to clean. We have also seen a pick up in the movement of the serving lines as well.

We all understand that this is a change that all are not used to at the present time, but it will soon become a routine that will be similar to how the way the KOVE, Deli, Grill, and Wok-Up Stations serve the community. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel this is the most efficient way to go about procedures in the cafeteria and to get the most efficient results.



Your Friendly Blue Shirts