Straight from the Plate: Caf Food Reviews

Melanie Singer ’17, Life & Style Columnist

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Lunch is probably the least exciting meal of the day. There is less experimenting with food the meals are blander. But Wednesdays at the salad bar can make lunch a little more exciting. I’ve come to enjoy Wednesday lunches at the salad bar on the left. There always seem to be special selections to add to your salad. Besides the normal toppings like the cucumbers and carrots, there are some days when more exotic toppings are offered, and you can even have your salad tossed. The freshly grown fruits and vegetables from Dickinson’s Farm give the salad bar a little something extra.

This self-made salad consists of seven ingredients. Romaine lettuce is the base, with some other fresh and crunch leafy greens mixed in. The toppings add to the freshness as the cherry tomatoes from the farm give a sweet, juicy taste to the salad. The chopped red apples were a new addition to the selection at the salad bar, since fruit isn’t usually an option there. (One day there were raspberries at the salad bar, but you were only allowed to take three because they didn’t have enough) That being said the apples were definitely a pleasant surprise and you could take as many pieces as you wanted. Along with the red apples, the dried craisins were perfectly tart and went great with the tangy goat cheese. Just adding a few crushed up walnuts and drizzling some Raspberry vinaigrette puts the whole salad together. It’s tasty and nutritious.