Straight from the Plate Caf Food Reviews

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Grilled cheese. It seems to be one of the favorites for Dickinson students in the cafeteria. There’s nothing truly special about it, but when combining the saltiness and sweetness of the grilled cheese with the tomato soup, students seem to go crazy for this meal. The grilled cheese is simply two pieces of wheat bread with American cheese in the middle. When I got my grilled cheese I actually needed to throw it on the Panini press because the cheese wasn’t quite melted. Since the line for the grilled cheese was so long, they were only throwing the sandwiches on the grill for a short amount of time. When biting into the sandwich it was just plain old grilled cheese sandwich, but that’s not to say it wasn’t satisfying, because it was.

However, I find that when I make my own grilled cheese with cheese from the deli and adding spinach and tomatoes, the sandwich instantly becomes more interesting and exciting for the taste buds. I prefer a different type of cheese than American. Sometimes the deli has pepper jack cheese, which definitely gives the sandwich some zest. What I should have done to spice up my grilled cheese was to add some Sriracha sauce on it, since I’m a fan of spicy foods.